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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Transpersonal Psychology

On-Campus Program

Are you in search of. . . . .

  • Deepening an exploration of transformational ideas and practices you have developed in your life?
  • Learning more about the technologies of transformation and becoming a change agent to improve the world in which we live?
  • Embarking on a scholarly journey into an inquiry area of personal meaning and passion?

Sofia University’s Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology program is a three-year on-campus program created to allow you to engage in your own personal development while engaging in doctoral-level study. If you are a self-motivated learner that grapples with the challenges of our time and seeks to make positive change in the world, then this program is for you.  Transformative learning is the foundation of the program that combines experiential learning with serious academic inquiry and our graduates serve many roles including: transpersonal scholars, transpersonally-oriented therapists and healers, transformative educators, and change agents in social and organizational contexts.

This life-transforming program is taught by leading faculty in transpersonal psychology, who serve as mentors and guides in both the classroom and research settings, most notably at the dissertation phase of the program. Our faculty publishes in diverse areas of inquiry including exceptional human experiences, consciousness studies, creativity, comparative religions, and the interface of cultural studies and transpersonal psychology.  Our distinctive balance of scholarly study, experiential learning, and professional development serves to support you in finding ways to take transformational concepts and practices out into the world to promote social change and healing in a variety of settings.

The curriculum is geared toward adult learners with required classes scheduled on one evening and one full day per week.  Coursework includes intensive inquiry in transpersonal philosophy, theory and research; a research method sequence that prepares students for dissertation work in a chosen topic; and integrative and transformational educational experiences of community-building and applied learning through the retreats and community praxis sequence. This on-campus program provides the container for you to be a part of a close, diverse learning community.

The Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology program also allows you to further your life journey in five distinct and different directions. If Creative Expression calls to you, then this specialization will allow you to explore in-depth expression as well as increase your capacity for creative thinking and leadership in communities you wish to serve. If your desire is to assist people in their life journey, then the Transformational Life Coaching specialization will provide you tools and training to facilitate change.  If you want to learn about new and exciting cutting edge research topics in Consciousness Studies and Human Science and acquire basic research skills, take the Consciousness and Phenomenology Research Specialization. You will receive individual mentoring from the experienced research faculty members, and learn to be a researcher in various professional environments. If aiding others in spiritual exploration is calling you, our Spiritual Guidance specialization will provide the training to serve individuals and groups on their own spiritual journeys. And, beginning in Fall 2014, we are offering a new specialization in Transformative Education, which focuses on the self of the educator and recognizes the urgent need for the training of authentic educators who are prepared to foster the next generation of students in a variety of teaching and learning environments.  See in menu at the side.

What does this prepare you for?

Students who complete their doctorate in transpersonal psychology go on to various professional endeavors.  Those with prior professional lives often incorporate transpersonal principles into an existing practice.  Along with a chosen specialization, many graduates develop a new calling after completion of the program including work as coaches, spiritual guides, educators, and change agents in nonprofit, government, and corporate environments.